State-of-the-art strategies and solutions for perfect media communications


State-of-the-art strategies and solutions for perfect media communications


State-of-the-art strategies and solutions for perfect media communications


Client Challenges:

  • Developing/Implementing Systems
  • Improving Customer Awareness
  • Refreshing Image or Brand
  • Gaining Recognition
  • Defining and Reinforcing Identity
  • Improving Brand Aesthetics
  • Ensuring Clarity of Message
  • Reaching a Greater Audience
  • Building competitive positioning
  • Crafting Stronger Brand
  • Building Credibility
  • Improving Customer Relations

Our Solutions:

  • Providing Technical Resources
  • Providing Hardware and Software
  • Web Media and Graphics Delivery
  • Authoring Marketing Communications
  • Planning Community/PR Campaigns
  • Crafting Message and Tech Strategies
  • Image and Content Development
  • Brand Concepts and Prototypes
  • Virtual Communities and Environments

Branding is the embodiment of a promise that you deliver to your client on what you do and who you are.

Branding is vitally important because it defines your organization, enables youe clients to make decision, build trust and cuts through clutter. Menya helps your organization leverage technology to accomplish these goals through our proven process:

  1. Discovery: Investigation, brainstorming and requirement analysis
  2. Ideation: Feasibility testing and advising
  3. Validation: Design evaluation prototyping and requirements refining
  4. Creation: Development and testing
  5. e-Delivery: Implementation training and hand-off of final product

Technology Branding/Communication:

  • Graphic Design and Media Creation
  • e-Device Development (i.e. iPhone Apps)
  • Documentation Development
  • Video Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Studio Sound Recording

Menya Communications consistently delivers exceptional results beyond expectations by ensuring our practitioners hold the industry’s highest level of expertise and employ only best of breed solutions. We accomplish this by maintaining a professional collection of highly skilled individuals, partners and developers ready to employ even the most technical of solutions with radiant results.

Our Talented Staff:

  • Artistry/Imagery
  • Creativity/Authoring
  • e-Delivery/Technical

Technical Staffing:

    • Java Development
    • Database Analysis
    • Testing

Menya Communications Ltd offers a variety of hardware and software resources to enable our clients the versatility to execute the most effective strategies to meet their challenges.

Menya is a uniquely equipped to aid in negotiating compromises on licensing or terms and conditions on behalf of our clients. No matter what technology our clients need to meet their challenges. Menya will acquire and provide it.

Our key services are

  • HP
  • IBM
  • DELL
  • METS (Media Tracking System)
  • APC
  • ASPECT Communication
  • Virtual Hold
  • ITrace
  • and more.

Menya Communication Ltd, supports the life-cycle of client efforts. We assist our clients in the selection and implementation of SDLC methodologies which best fit their organization and project base. This includes assistance in achieving target maturity levels and practical implementation of software engineering practices. Our services include assisting clients by providing management consulting services and technical staff in support of their project and operations efforts. Our key service area include:

  • SDLC Selection and Process Management
  • Design, Development and Integration (DDI)
  • System Architecture
  • Infrastructure Planning and Support
  • Administration, Operations and Maintenance